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View details Oxford Landing Twin Gift Pack
$ 16.99 Oxford Landing Twin Gift Pack
Currently out of stock
/ / SouthAustralia
Oxford Landing is a place on the Murray River, where drovers once watered sheep on the long journey to Adelaide from northern pastoral properties. A consistent performer, extremely fresh and supple, a lively Sauvignon Blanc offering all the classical varietal characters, fruity and grassy, complexed by nettle-leaf, lemon and grapefruit. One of the Riverland's finest expressions of Merlot, Oxford Landing shows that you can be easy to drink, easy to enjoy and yet still a serious, complex mouthful of classy wine.
View details Oxford Landing Sauvignon Blanc 2014
$ 7.99 Oxford Landing Sauvignon Blanc 2014
Currently out of stock
SauvBlanc / Riverland / SouthAustralia
Oxford Landing is an idyllic place of rich red soils and auspicious terrains, basking under an abundance of golden sunshine and clear blue skies, the perfect environment for growing grapes and making good wine. The highly accomplished Oxford Landing team craft a lively Sauvignon Blanc offering all the classic varietal characters, vivacious with tropical fruit, aromatic herbaceousness and brisk minerality, complexed by piquant nettle and lemon characters, crisp asparagus and fragrant grapefruit flower notes.
View details Oxford Landing Merlot 2014
$ 7.99 Oxford Landing Merlot 2014
Currently out of stock
Merlot / Riverland / SouthAustralia
Oxford Landing is a real place along the River Murray, where drovers once watered sheep on the long journey to Adelaide markets from northern pastoral lands. Established in 1958, the vineyards were strategically planted with uniquely selected grafted vines, on the pick of well drained, low vigor soils. The people who make Oxford Landing and manage the vineyards live on site and very close by, forming a strong community, with Murray River always in sight and environmentally friendly viticulture at its heart.
View details Oxford Landing Chardonnay 2014
$ 7.99 Oxford Landing Chardonnay 2014
Currently out of stock
Chardonnay / Riverland / SouthAustralia
Oxford Landing have forged an unassailable reputation for their compelling range of stylish, exquisitely balanced wines, a true expression of the region and vineyards whence they are sourced. Access to the latest Chardonnay clonal and rootstock combinations continues to deliver outstanding quality harvests, brimming with rich varietal stone fruit, melon and grapefruit characters. An extravagant regimen of wild ferments, lees ageing and reserve wines, enrich the palate of this generosuly proportioned, forward drinking Chardonnay.
View details Omni Sparkling Pinot Chardonnay
$ 9.99 Omni Sparkling Pinot Chardonnay
Currently out of stock
Chardonnay PinotNoir / / SouthAustralia
Celebrate your life every day, add colour to your world and create your own Omni sparkling moments. Omni NV is fashioned from Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, bottle fermented and aged on lees for a luxurious twelve months, achieving a wine of elegance and great depth of character. Omni exhibits excellent persistence, the rich fruit characters are complemented by beautiful citrus acids and a yeasty complexity. A truly popular everyday sparkling wine that enjoys to be enjoyed and keeps on giving in terms of appeal and value.
View details Omni Pink Rose N.V
$ 9.99 Omni Pink Rose N.V
Currently out of stock
PinotNoir Chardonnay / / SouthAustralia
Select Pinot Noir and Chardonnay from within the Hardy's suite of vineyards, spread across the better winegrowing districts of southeast Australia were blended into a blushingly coloured Sparkling Rose that's brimming forth with tangy strawberry essences, cassis notes and superb sherbety flavours. Lively, fresh and effervescent in style, Omni Pink is a Sparkling Pinot Chardonnay Rose that pleases all who enjoy a crackling good time with fun, warm company, and easy drinking wines. A gorgeous pink sparkler that's ideal for making everyday moments special.
View details Omni Citrus N.V
$ 9.99 Omni Citrus N.V
Currently out of stock
CheninBlanc Frontignac / / SouthAustralia
Omni is the Latin word meaning all and every, and is the perfect name for a sparkling wine with universal appeal. The fresh, lively characters and full flavours are ideal for all occasions. Omni Citrus is a vibrant sparkling wine made from the premium aromatic grape varieties Frontignac and Chenin Blanc, and enhanced with the zest of natural citrus fruits. A fresh and lively style of wine with a moderate alcohol content, it is ideal for all occasions. A wonderfully pleasant and summery Sparkling wine that offers lovely triopical flavours and a lively attitude. Enjoy with all foods and sweet company.
View details Omni Blue N.V
$ 9.99 Omni Blue N.V
Currently out of stock
Frontignac / / SouthAustralia
Hardys have delighted young and young at heart, fun loving palates across Australia with their lively and zesty Omni range of sparklers. While not actually being blue or blueish, Omni Blue is a sweeter, fruitier style of sparkling made from aromatic grape varietals like the luscious Frontignac. A fresh and lively wine with moderate alcohol, this is the perfect all occasion sparkler, best enjoyed chilled and young with good company. Celebrate your life every day, add colour to your world and create your own Omni sparkling moments.
View details Olivers Taranga Shiraz 2015
$ 25.99 Olivers Taranga Shiraz 2015
Available by the dozen
Shiraz / McLaren Vale / SouthAustralia
Established 1841, the McLaren Vale Taranga vineyards are still owned by the founding Oliver family. Even more remarkably, Taranga wines are today crafted by a sixth generation of the original winemaker. For most of the twentieth century, Oliver Taranga sold their precious yields to other wineries, much of it was destined for the nation's most esteemed labels and memorable flagship vintages. Since 1994, the Olivers have been reserving the pick of their low yielding, old vine grapes for bottling under the Oliver Taranga label.
View details Olivers Taranga HJ Reserve Shiraz 2013
$ 49.99 Olivers Taranga HJ Reserve Shiraz 2013
Available in cases of 6
Shiraz / McLaren Vale / SouthAustralia
William and Elizabeth Oliver emigrated from Scotland, eventually settling at McLaren Vale in 1841. Their homestead flourished, the sixth generation Olivers are one of the region's great winegrowing dynasties. For many years, they sold fruit to Penfolds, where it became one of the primary components to the mighty Grange. HJ is the ultra premium flagship Shiraz, purposefully crafted at the Boar's Rock wineworks. A vigorous wine offering immeasurable girth of fruit, great poise, elegance and the strength of character to evolve majestically.
View details OLeary Walker Watervale Riesling 2017
$ 19.99 OLeary Walker Watervale Riesling 2017
Available by the dozen
Riesling / Clare / SouthAustralia
After twenty years of the most distinguished winemaking, having amassed over sixty trophies and three hundred gold, including a Jimmy Watson and twice International Red Wine Maker of Year, David O'Leary and Nick Walker came home to classic Watervale soils. The superior Grace dry grown Vineyard is hand pruned and hand picked, relying fully on natural rainfall. A combination of super rich soils and limestone makes the holy grail for Riesling. A stunning wine exuding wonderful florals, characterised by a delicate, chalky citrus tang.
View details OLeary Walker Shiraz 2014
$ 20.99 OLeary Walker Shiraz 2014
Available by the dozen
Shiraz / Clare Valley / SouthAustralia
The Oleary Walker team are all about making great wine, they have elected to craft their estate Shiraz from fruit grown to three slightly different terroirs. Clare Valley is all about fragrance and eloquence, refinement and elegance. McLaren Vale is all about structure and cohesion, contributing rich, licorice and chocolate fruit along with a smooth, sumptuous mouthfeel. Choice harvests from the Doctor's Block at Polish Hill River, Jefferies of Armagh and Angelo Maglieri's at McLaren Vale, are assembled into a wine of astonishing balance, opulence and grace.
View details OLeary Walker Polish Hill River Riesling 2017
$ 21.99 OLeary Walker Polish Hill River Riesling 2017
Available by the dozen
Riesling / Clare Valley / SouthAustralia
The soils and surrounding mesoclimes are the thumbprint of all great wines. Virtually next door to each other in the Polish Hill River, lie two outstanding blocks of Riesling, Martin Joan Smith's and the Molloy Vineyard. These sites have long been known to yield some of the most expressive fruit that Valley Clare Valley can produce. A wine which espouses the virtues of Polish Valley, displaying great character and depth of flavour, offering mouth watering expressions of intense citrus fruits. The perfume is alluring with powerful slate characters and juicy minerality.
View details OLeary Walker Lucky Punter Sauvignon Blanc 2017
$ 18.99 OLeary Walker Lucky Punter Sauvignon Blanc 2017
Available by the dozen
SauvBlanc / Adelaide Hills / SouthAustralia
David O'Leary and Nick Walker combine a wealth of experience, acquired during their time as corporate winemakers behind such labels as Hardy and Krondorf, Yellowglen and Annies Lane. The Adelaide Hills are the most exciting place in Australia for Sauvignon Blanc. O'Leary Walker have long been amongst the region's most outspoken protagonists, sharing a love of winemaking and affinity for the undulating slopes and salubrious climes of Adelaide Hills. One of the reasons for its growing popularity is the pure fruit driven palate, clean flavours and fine length.
View details OLeary Walker Hurtle Pinot Chardonnay 2012
$ 25.99 OLeary Walker Hurtle Pinot Chardonnay 2012
Available in cartons of six
PinotNoir Chardonnay / Adelaide Hills / SouthAustralia
View details OLeary Walker First Past Post Chardonnay 2016
$ 21.99 OLeary Walker First Past Post Chardonnay 2016
Available by the dozen
Chardonnay / Adelaide Hills / SouthAustralia
The northerly facing slope on Mark O'Leary's Benwerrin Vineyard, at Oakbank in the picturesque Adelaide Hills, is planted to a very special block of twenty year old Chardonnay vines. The combination of cool climate and long days of sunshine infuses grapes with flavour and encourages the development alluring aromatics. The extravagance of French oak barrel ferments, malolactic and lees stirring battonage, over the course of several months, enhances the generosity of fruit, while adding layers of complexity and creamy, yeasty autolysis richness.
View details OLeary Walker Clare Valley Cabernet Malbec 2014
$ 23.99 OLeary Walker Clare Valley Cabernet Malbec 2014
Available by the dozen
CabernetSauv Merlot / Clare / SouthAustralia
David O'Leary and Nick Walker have amassed hundreds of gold medals and trophies between them, including the prestigious Jimmy Watson. A shared confidence in the quality of Clare Valley fruit was the catalyst for them to establish their own winery. Cabernet Sauvignon from the Doctor's Block at Polish Hill, a superior cool climate site, dry grown and low yielding, is vinified alongside a choice parcel of Malbec, picked off the estate vineyard in Watervale, taming the solid tannin structure and bringing the assembled wine forward.
View details OLeary Walker Cabernet Sauvignon 2014
$ 21.99 OLeary Walker Cabernet Sauvignon 2014
Available by the dozen
CabernetSauv / Clare Valley / SouthAustralia
David O'Leary really knows about things Cabernet Sauvignon, having claimed a Jimmy Watson Trophy and twice International Red Wine Maker of the Year. From low yielding vines up to fifty years of age, grown to superior sites within the Armagh Valley and Polish Hill River districts, the O'Leary Walker team create a powerful and complex, exquisitely perfumed and seamlessly layered Cabernet Sauvignon, framed by judicious oak and supported by graceful tannins, reflecting the idyllic growing climes of Valley Clare.
View details Nugan McLaren Parish Vineyard Shiraz 2012
$ 21.99 Nugan McLaren Parish Vineyard Shiraz 2012
Available by the dozen
Shiraz / McLaren Vale / SouthAustralia
The Parish property is a ten hectare vineyard dedicated to producing the finest Shiraz possible. The extra efforts spent in managing the property and training the vines pay a good dividend, achieving harvests of the most spectacular Shiraz every year. A bounty of small but intensely flavoured berries, displaying juicy flavours, piquant spice and the elegant tannins, are crafted into a rich and full bodied McLaren Vale, offering profound structure in support of a powerful concentration of fruit.
View details Norfolk Rise Sauvignon Blanc 2013
$ 16.99 Norfolk Rise Sauvignon Blanc 2013
Available by the dozen
SauvBlanc / Limestone Coast / SouthAustralia
Subtle variances in terroir differentiate Norfolk Rise vineyard from other sites, just part of the complex formula to producing quality cool climate Sauvignon Blanc of the highest order. The perfect environment lends itself to the formation of esters which translate into the most flavoursome and elegant wines. Let the fruit hang on the vines a little longer and grapes accumulate flavour whilst retaining refreshing acids. Norfolk Rise is sweetly scented with a pleasingly drying palate, perfect to the accompaniement of seafood or asparagus with hollandaise.
View details Norfolk Rise Pinot Grigio 2014
$ 16.99 Norfolk Rise Pinot Grigio 2014
Available by the dozen
PinotGris Grigio / Limestone Coast / SouthAustralia
Kreglinger is a distinguished trading company founded 1797, it significantly holds registration Number 1 in the city of Antwerp. The group extended its operations to Australia, establishing the Norfolk Rise Vineyard and winery at Mount Benson on the Limestone Coast. The highest standards of viticulture are adhered to, the splendid range of wines bear the hallmarks of exacting standards in viticulture and fastidious winemaking. Engagingly Pinot Grigio, textural and fine with winsome pinenut and orange blossom characters, a match to dressed quail or grilled fresh whitings.
View details Norfolk Rise Merlot 2015
$ 16.99 Norfolk Rise Merlot 2015
Available by the dozen
Merlot / Limestone Coast / SouthAustralia
Planted atop the highest ridge dissecting the vineyard, the defining visual impact of Norfolk Rise is a hundred Norfolk Island Pines planted along a five hundred metre length of ridge. Lying in the lee of the trees under Mount Benson, are parcels of Merlot vines uncompromisingly husbanded to the most wholistic viticultural practices. The dark blue berries ripen slowly into voluptuous Merlot grapes with distinctive primary fruit characters.
View details Norfolk Rise Cabernet Sauvignon 2008
$ 16.99 Norfolk Rise Cabernet Sauvignon 2008
Available by the dozen
CabernetSauv / Limestone Coast / SouthAustralia
Norfolk Rise Vineyard is located at the very southern tip of South Australia, renowned for its rugged coastline, exotic seafood and long, white sandy beaches. Heavily influenced by a unique microclimate, Norfolk Rise captures the regional characteristics of the lee under Mount Benson, translating into wines of the highest calibre.
View details Nepenthe Zinfandel
$ 32.99 Nepenthe Zinfandel
Currently out of stock
Zinfandel / Adelaide Hills / SouthAustralia
Zinfandel is the variety America has adopted as its own, the exact origin of the clone is uncertain, though the most likely source is Italy or Croatia. A notoriously thin skinned variety, Zinfandel is mainly planted in warm, dry regions. This begs the question as to why Nepenthe are making Zinfandel in the cool heights of the Adelaide Hills? the simple answer is it works! Nepenthe has been producing Zinfandel since 1997 and are delighted if somewhat amazed at the rich, spicy and exotic styles possible in the cool climes of the Adelaide Hills.
View details Nepenthe White Tryst
$ 16.99 Nepenthe White Tryst
Available by the dozen
SauvBlanc Semillon / Adelaide Hills / SouthAustralia
A fresh, approachable wine from the heart of the cool climate, pristine Adelaide Hills. The cepage is made up predominantly of fragrant, crisp Sauvignon Blanc balanced by the fine structure, citrus flavour and elegance of Semillon. An adaptable companion for any occasion, Tryst White will complement a range of dishes from fresh seafood to Thai or antipasto, experimentation is the key.
View details Nepenthe The Fugue
$ 29.99 Nepenthe The Fugue
Currently out of stock
CabernetSauv Merlot CabernetFranc Malbec / Adelaide Hills SA / SouthAustralia
The predominant variety in the blend has always been Cabernet sauvignon; fragrant, bright in colour and aroma, yet tannic and savoury. The Fugue benefits from the spice and zest of Cabernet franc, and the sweet earthiness of Merlot. Malbec adds inky purple colour, spicy, sappy fruit and hugely concentrated tannins. The Fugue will gather momentum as it ages, but is already quite complex.
View details Nepenthe Sauvignon Blanc 2015
$ 16.99 Nepenthe Sauvignon Blanc 2015
Available by the dozen
SauvBlanc / Adelaide Hills / SouthAustralia
Sauvignon Blanc has found a natural home in the high altitude, cool climate of the Adelaide Hills. Nepenthe are an exclusively Adelaide Hills winemaker, one of the region's most prominent, with an endowment of vineyards. Nepenthe's cutting edge viticulture has gained recognition for producing benchmark Sauvignon Blanc. The vines are meticulously coddled and flavours in the grapes are encouraged to develop fully, with lovely intense varietal characters and bright, natural acids at the higher end of the zingyness scale.
View details Nepenthe Red Tryst
$ 16.99 Nepenthe Red Tryst
Available by the dozen
CabernetSauv Tempranillo / Adelaide Hills / SouthAustralia
An unconventional cepage of Cabernet Sauvignon and Tempranillo that works remarkably well as each grape contributes unique characteristics. The result is a fruit driven wine which is approachable and fragrant, yet is well structured with savoury complexity. In making the Tryst, Nepenthe are seeking to construct a wine that complements and enhances a wide range of foods, an easy going, completely versatile dinner companion.
View details Murray Street Black Label Barossa Shiraz 2015
$ 19.99 Murray Street Black Label Barossa Shiraz 2015
Available by the dozen
Shiraz / Barossa / SouthAustralia
Murray Street was established in 2001 by families Seppelt and Jahnke. They shared a vision of crafting small batch artisanal wines, in the painstaking old world traditions of Barossa Valley's early settlers. Murray Street's vineyard and wineworks are fortuitously positioned on a tapestry of beautiful rolling landscape near the ancient winemaking village of Greenock at the western end of Barossa. Working together with a small but dedicated team of vignerons and friends, the folks on Murray Street produce small amounts of the most intensely flavoured Shiraz.
View details Mr Riggs Yacca Paddock Tempranillo 2016
$ 24.99 Mr Riggs Yacca Paddock Tempranillo 2016
Available by the dozen
Tempranillo / McLaren Vale / SouthAustralia
Planted to Tempranillo in 2000, just outside Kuitpo on the southwest escarpment of Mount Lofty Ranges, Yacca Paddock’s vistas overlooking the Gulf of St Vincent enjoy rejuvenating maritime breezes which encourage vines to yield harvests of the ripest tannins and intensely complex varietal characters. Vinified in traditional open fermenters, Yacca Paddock makes a wonderfully textural, stylish wine of natural fruit sweetness, tart red cherry flavours and juicy, food friendly savouryness, prepare a grill of Mediterranean veggies or fry of fresh sardines and have a Yacca.
View details Mr Riggs Outpost Coonawarra Cabernet 2016
$ 20.99 Mr Riggs Outpost Coonawarra Cabernet 2016
Available by the dozen
CabernetSauv / Coonawarra / SouthAustralia
Mr Riggs comes to Coonawarra. He knows from good red wines after tours of duty amongst the illustrious Cabernet vineyards of Napa Valley and Bordeaux. He now takes his pick from the choicest sites in the land. A collation of parcels from the Thomas and Harrison Weatherall vineyards in the northern precincts of Coonawarra, fermented on skins and pressed to a selection of new and seasoned oaks. Intensely bright, floral and fragrant with lovely length on the palate, the Cabernet of choice to accompany char grill or juicy roast.
View details Mr Riggs Montepulciano dAdelaide 2016
$ 23.99 Mr Riggs Montepulciano dAdelaide 2016
Available by the dozen
Montepulciano / Adelaide Hills & McLaren Vale / SouthAustralia
Two precious harvests of Montepulciano are sourced from choice sites, each articulating the uniqueness of terroir, Amadio vineyard between Kersbrook and Williamstown in Adelaide Hills is planted on grey brown loam at an altitude of 300 metres, it is pleasingly low vigor. Vines on the Pollux property in McLaren Vale ripen somewhat earlier, yielding a Montepulciano of more tannin structure and lower acidity, a confluence of personalities which coalesce into a seriously mouthfilling, savoury wine. A mere 550 dozen made.
View details Mr Riggs McLaren Vale Shiraz 2014
$ 42.99 Mr Riggs McLaren Vale Shiraz 2014
Available in cases of 6
Shiraz / McLaren Vale / SouthAustralia
Mr Riggs makes a perennially discrete assemblage of great Shiraz vineyards, owner operated by McLaren Vale's most eminent growers, Ben Rigg's Piebald Gully, Paxton’s Gateway, Wright's Duckchase, Beal’s Monapilla and Joch Bosworth's splendid Bradens site. The auspicious properties are located on some of the most fortuitious terroirs in McLaren Vale, narrow planted for low yields and stimulated by cooling gully winds which drift down the Mount Lofty ranges. These are the ideal mesoclimes for Shiraz and have been a source of the most memorable vintages.
View details Mr Riggs Gaffer Shiraz 2015
$ 19.99 Mr Riggs Gaffer Shiraz 2015
Available by the dozen
CabernetSauv / McLaren Vale / SouthAustralia
John The Gaffer Riggs (1814-1902), great great great grandfather of Ben Riggs, migrated from Dorsetshire and settled in Gawler 1855. One of South Australia's most prominent farmers, he owned hundreds of acres dedicated to wheat. His sheep flock was also highly regarded and his methods progressive for the time. Success in the wheat trade was matched by significant awards at exhibitions in Sydney, London and Paris. Ben Riggs' own love of the land and his passion for it's offerings are directly attributable to the efforts of his far sighted ancestor.
View details Mr Riggs Battle Axe Sparkling Shiraz
$ 19.99 Mr Riggs Battle Axe Sparkling Shiraz
Available by the dozen
Shiraz / McLaren Vale / SouthAustralia
An assemblage of Mr Riggs wines up to ten years of age, enhanced by an older parcel of Grenache for lift and spice, finished off with a tot of fortified Shiraz from the prestigious Piebald Gully Vineyard, contributing subtle sweetness to a richly complex wine. Battle Axe is a tongue in cheek reference to dearest mother in law, she appears formidable with her powerful pink effervescence, ultimately soothing the palate with her generous nature and refined affability but beware the after punch of her dark fruityness and engaging depth of character.
View details Mr Mick Clare Valley Rose 2017
$ 12.99 Mr Mick Clare Valley Rose 2017
Available by the dozen
Tempranillo Sangiovese / Clare Valley / SouthAustralia
Mr Mick is all about Mick Knappstein, decorated with the Order of Australia for his role in developing Clare Valley as an internationally renowned origin of world class wine. Knappstein mentored a young cellar hand named Tim Adams, whom he encouraged to complete his studies in oenology and take up winemaking as a profession. Adams now retains access to the finest vineyards in Valley Clare, he has selected those parcels of Tempranillo and Pinot Gris which can best achieve the generosity and allure so worthy of Mr Mick.
View details Mountadam High Eden Chardonnay 2016
$ 29.99 Mountadam High Eden Chardonnay 2016
Available by the dozen
Chardonnay / Eden Valley / SouthAustralia
From the best parcels of fruit grown to the High Eden Ridge Estate vineyard, these are the earliest plantings of Chardonnay in South Austraia and some of the oldest in the country. The east facing escarpment rises 550 metres above sea level and separates the dramatically cooler Eden Valley, providing a myriad of interesting mesoclimates and vineyards which have been refined over time, along with the winemaking. The vines are painstakingly pruned by hand and yields are methodically thinned to ensure grapes develop the requisite intensity of flavour.
View details Mountadam Cabernet Merlot 2010
$ 15.99 Mountadam Cabernet Merlot 2010
Available by the dozen
CabernetSauv Merlot / Barossa Eden / SouthAustralia
A collation of parcels grown to good vineyards in the Eden and Barossa Valleys. The elegance of Merlot picked off estate vines on the cooler ripening elevated aspects of Eden, coalesce handsomely with the richness of Cabernet harvested off the Barossa floor. Open canopy management and moderate yields translate into a generously flavoured wine with lovely fragrances and sleek tannins. Mountadam were amongst the first to recognize Eden Valley as a superior mesoclime for the production of quality Merlot, their vines are amongst the finest.
View details Mountadam Barossa Shiraz 2014
$ 15.99 Mountadam Barossa Shiraz 2014
Available by the dozen
Shiraz / Barossa Eden / SouthAustralia
Mountadam vineyard was planted to a rocky escarpment at the highest, most elevated, southeast edge of the Barossa. Importantly, the aspects which cling to the hillsides and high valleys have been chosen for their true continental climate. Most enjoy warm sunny days and cool evenings. An assemblage of Shiraz from the estate's home vineyard with parcels of fruit grown to good sites lower down the Barossa Valley floor. A rich, soft, drink now expression of Shiraz, Mountadam shows the elegance of the cooler Eden Valley and the traditional richness of Barossa.
View details Mountadam Barossa Chardonnay 2015
$ 15.99 Mountadam Barossa Chardonnay 2015
Available by the dozen
Chardonnay / Barossa Eden / SouthAustralia
Established in 1972 as one of Australia's preeminent Chardonnay specialists, Mountadam was founded by the great David Wynn, one of the most significant contributors to the Australian wine industry and an important part of the Mountadam story. Mountadam today enjoy extensive resources for the production of Chardonnay through varied clones, ages and aspects. In assembling the finished wine, a balance of the most intense fruit aromas and flavours is sought, capturing the exquisite characteristics of fine Chardonnay without the influence of oak.
View details Mount Pleasant Jack Cabernet Sauvignon 2011
$ 12.99 Mount Pleasant Jack Cabernet Sauvignon 2011
Currently out of stock
CabernetSauv / Coonawarra / SouthAustralia
Nestled amongst the undulating slopes of Brokenback Range, the Mount Pleasant wineworks were established in 1921 by industry legend Maurice O'Shea. To this day, Mount Pleasant retain the most distinguished vineyards, reaching out from their environs in the Hunter Valley to secure parcels of Coonawarra Cabernet Sauvignon which are second to none. Inspired by their sterling efforts under the Brand's Coonawarra label, the McWilliam's team have applied their winning touch to a harvest of the finest fruit, achieving a generous and approachable Cabernet wine.
View details Mount Monster Shiraz 2015
$ 13.99 Mount Monster Shiraz 2015
Currently out of stock
Shiraz / Limestone Coast / SouthAustralia
By winemaking supremo Ben Riggs, the sole objective at Mt Monster is to produce the best possible from a unique site. The pursuit of great wine can be seen in the meticulous management of the vineyard. Low crop yields and small grape bunches of intense flavour are the aim. Vine balance and reduced vigor are achieved, the harvest is commenced only when fruit reaches full flavour development. Mount Monster is assembled from select barrels of estate grown Shiraz, which can best demonstrate the intensity of fruit balanced by an integration of oak.
View details Mount Monster Cabernet Sauvignon 2015
$ 14.99 Mount Monster Cabernet Sauvignon 2015
Currently out of stock
CabernetSauv / Padthaway / SouthAustralia
From those wonderful folks who brought us Morambro Creek. Since 1851, five generations of the Bryson family have been involved in agriculture, drawing fruit from the fertile soils of South Australia. The wines of Mount Monster are brimming with rich varietal flavours, exploiting fully the advantages of Padthaway's maritime climate with its long slow ripening season and sensational soils. A fine effort by winemakers who understand and value quality, fashioned for devotees of ripe and ready, fruit driven Cabernet Sauvignon exhibiting style, structure and panache.
View details Mount Horrocks Shiraz 2012
$ 34.99 Mount Horrocks Shiraz 2012
Currently out of stock
Shiraz / Clare Valley / SouthAustralia
Mt Horrocks have established a cult following, due in no small part to excellence of husbandry in the vineyard and an uncompromising attention to detail in the winemaking. Mt Horrocks make a quality of Watervale Shiraz that just dances across the palate, such is the freshness of the fruit and brightness of tannin, all supported by lively acidity. Clare Valley charisma in abundance, with a twist of mint and a lick of nutty oak. Drink now, with or without food, tapas works very well, so does anythong with bearnaise sauce or Italian pork and fennel sausage.
View details Morambro Creek Shiraz 2012
$ 26.99 Morambro Creek Shiraz 2012
Currently out of stock
Shiraz / Padthaway / SouthAustralia
Planted to original rootstock on the gently undulating plains of Padthaway Valley, the Morambro Creek vines are grown to rich Terra Rosa soils, enjoying excellent sun exposure, yielding grapes with the most concentrated flavours, deep colour and generous tannins. Heat generated during the day is moderated each evening by coastal winds that cool the vines, achieving an extended vintage. This extended time on the vine allows for grape tannins and seed to fully ripen before harvest, translating into wines that are rich and intense yet supple on the palate.
View details Mollydooker Boxer Shiraz 2016
$ 24.99 Mollydooker Boxer Shiraz 2016
Available by the dozen
Shiraz / McLaren Vale / SouthAustralia
Mollydooker own and operate the most spectacular vineyards, choice sites along the golden mile of McLaren Vale's sainted Seaview Ridge. The closely husbanded Mollydooker vines are sustainably managed and a true labour of love for the viticultural team, proprietors Sarah and Sparky have refused the temptations of enrichment to preserve the integrity of their peerless quality fruit. They have been thrice crowned with the prestigious Bushing King Award, claimed Australian Winemakers of Year and a breathtaking 99 Wine Advocate points.
View details Mojo Sauvignon Blanc 2016
$ 14.99 Mojo Sauvignon Blanc 2016
Available by the dozen
SauvBlanc / Adelaide Hills / SouthAustralia
Sauvignon Blanc thrives in the cool climate and high altitude of Adelaide Hills, it is here that the true essence of this special grape develops fully. The crisp spring and early summer weather preserves the fruit's natural acidity, which heightens and enhances the flavour of this noble variety. To accentuate the fruit freshness, Mojo have treated their Sauvignon Blanc to a long, languid fermentation which takes up to three weeks, but the result is worth the wait. The Mojo team suggest serving chilled, but not too cold, at 5pm on a weekday arvo with good mates.
View details Mojo Fizz Brut Cuvee
$ 15.99 Mojo Fizz Brut Cuvee
Available by the dozen
Chardonnay PinotNoir / Adelaide Hills / SouthAustralia
Mojos were mythical charms containing special powers, supernatural amulets which protected from evil or evoked karma. The irony here is that there's nothing metaphysical about the way the Mojo winemaking team create their Fizz, a funky name for a great sparkling. The combination of superb terroir, careful handling of pristine grapes and thoughtful handling achieves a youthfully fruit driven Pinot Chardonnay in contemporary, easy to appreciate styling. Serve chilled and leave the strawberries out, there's enough of that flavour in the wine already.
View details Mojo Coonawarra Cabernet Sauvignon 2015
$ 14.99 Mojo Coonawarra Cabernet Sauvignon 2015
Available by the dozen
CabernetSauv / Coonawarra / SouthAustralia
The Mojo team love their viticulture, they work tirelessy in the vineyard to realize harvests of Cabernet grapes, exhibiting deep, rakish colour and showroom tannins, exemplary varietal character and irresistible regional charm. A regimen of extended macerations, long slow ferments and judicious measure of outstanding quality oak, has achieved a Coonawarra Cabernet Sauvignon that's packed with loads of flavour, artisanally designed to get your very own Mojo working.
View details Mojo Barossa Shiraz 2016
$ 14.99 Mojo Barossa Shiraz 2016
Available by the dozen
Shiraz / Barossa / SouthAustralia
Tim Burvill became aware of precious old vineyards dotted around Barossa Valley while working for some of Australia's most prominent wineries. It is from these wonderfully diverse old sites that Burvill selects the ripest and most concentrated parcels to make Mojo. Burvill's wines are in keeping with his own personal power packed fruit driven style. The moderately continental Barossa climate provides ideal conditions for the production of full bodied reds. It is these unique growing conditions and the natural sunlight which Burvill captures in Mojo Shiraz.
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WARNING Under the Liquor Control Reform Act 1998 it is an offence to supply alcohol to a person under the age of 18 years. The penalty exceeds $6,000.
It is an offence for a person under the age of 18 years to purchase or receive liquor. The penalty exceeds $500. Liquor Licence 51409215

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